Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ring ring ring.. smiles

Word on the street was, that there will be a fire drill around 10ish am, as I could recall hehe. And boy, was the word right haha. I had cleared out my desk just in case it was gonna go till lunch. My baby, all set and ready to shoot some action, just waiting for the alarm.

30 minutes later, it began ;-)

Assembly point everyone

Yes Dal, its me hehe

This is not New Delhi!?

Yes my friend, I'm taking your picture hehe

Mr Jack-O

Can't turn there

Some were too hungry to enjoy the moment hehe

Ladies watching the actions

This lil bird wants to be part of the action too

The fire department doing their thang..

The guy in green had a bad day, the other is enjoying the break from work hehe


More smiles

Bigger Smiles

Turns to laughters

Seems like people are enjoying the fire drill hehe

It's almost time?

Smile smile smile

Our first aiders with Husini

Fire drill over??

Awww man hehe

He's still smiling? Back to work? Still smiling? hehe

Back to work now ;-P


Meet Tiffy..
Short for Tiffany hehe. This is Rin's cat by the way. She didn't let me have her so I just took some shots for my loving memories of her *smacks head* So corny hahaha..

Rin taking Tiffy home.. Bye Tiffy *waves*

4 digits worth..

Now we're talkin ;-)

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?