Thursday, October 19, 2006


It's HOT HOT HOT.. panas man..
Wake up at 620am, expresso shower, driving at speed more than 150kph and reachin the ofis by 730ish. Thats late hehe. During Puasa, the working hours is from 7am till 1pm hehe so i decide to compensate by leaving late. My collegue starts his Retirement leave tomorrow and I'll be stepping up the plate, getting chemicals to the engineers in time. Only been in the company since May this year and I have ZERO knowledge of buying chemicals hahaha.. Wish me luck!!

It's 4.52pm, wonder where's me wife? Yuhooo wifey.. Think she's downstairs with the sibs buat kuih. Speaking of Kuih, I have this craving from Kuih Morr and Tart Nanas today. Just a random craving I suppose hehe.

CSI is on rite now. Watched it lastnite already but hey, it's CSI hehe.

Today I got a call from Jason of Leong Camera's, my toy is now at his shop. Just to bring you up to speed, I've been waiting for the Nikon D80 since forever. Well it started out like this..

Late August, I bought a FujiFilm FinePix 5600. 5MP, auto zoom, not an SLR. Well I wasn't sure at the time if I wanted an SLR or not but I sure am interested in photography. I've been toying with Photoshop since hmmm.. 6yrs ago?

*It's 30th October now, almost 2 weeks since I actually drafted this blog haha*

See, told you I wasn't into blogs. But hey, for you guys and gals, I'll try ;-)

Continue with me story..

Oh yea, 6 years ago I started photoshop. Enhancing, editting bla bla bla, the works, you name it. But then I had a thought, one day, why enhance picture (plus I was kinda tired of enhancing it haha) when I should be the one taking the beautiful shots? *Interesting theory*

So late August 06, I got myself a camera, not a DSLR, just looks like one, a smaller version but still not a DSLR. Played with it every single day. Learning and learning the functions. Until one day, the camera couldnt provide me with the shots I wanted. By the way, the camera is a Fujifilm Finepix S5600

There she is. I named her, "Camera" hahaha.. I'm kidding, no name. Probably just "My Fuji" hehe.

Anyways from there, I brought it to its limits, I decide to get a DSLR. For those of you who don't know what DSLR stands for, its Digital Single Lense Reflex, or was it reflect. I'll get back to you on that hehe.

*Yawns* Tired, eyes slowly sepeting, sleepy, ZzzZz..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the beginning..

Well.. here we go. The beginning of a something something..? Took me sometime to think, should I or should I not start a blog? Positive feedbacks tend to fill my jar, so hey why not? I don't normally read blogs, I'm not sure why hehe..

Oh oh.. my new toy is on it's way. Serious can't wait. I've been craving since hmmm over a month now? Everyday endlessly thinkin of it. Don't you just hate that feelin? And it's limited stock. Took me sometime to decide on it too but in the end.. I made up my mind. Soooo.. Just gotta wait and see heh heh..

Another funny thing is, when you've actually made up your mind, it's unavailable! How ironic is that!!?? hehe

I'm not sure what else to put in here. What am I missing? Pictures? Sappy love songs? Dirty lame jokes? You tell me hehe..

Oh by the way.. I'm used to this alignment when I'm doin something unformal hehe

*add picture here

Hmm.. 5 mins have passed, waiting for the page that loads the pictures. Is this normal?

Tick tock tick tock..
danggg.. connection time out!!??

Oh by the way, I'm getting wifi from me neighbours for free hehe. Sometimes got, sometimes no have haha..

I'll try loading later..

Chao ;-)