Wednesday, September 03, 2008

nyumie nyumie all the way..

Just for fun, recommend me where's the nyamanest anything from drinks to food, and can be found in which gerai number..? I'll post up the recommendations here when I get a list, email to hehe. Makes it easier for all of us and ehm yours truly too hehe.

Siapun. Happy fasting to my muslim readers :-)

Bergedil - (Gerai No) / (How many per $)
Cendol - (Gerai No) / (How many per $)
Cucur Udang - (Gerai No) / (How many per $)
Kuih Malaya - N9 / $2.50
Pulut Panggang - (Gerai No) / (How many per $)

And the list goes on hehe.. so readers, if you have recommendations, please email me and i'll update the list :-)


Bulimic said...

see here saja lah hehe...

Sofian Hassan said...

haha itu dining place la.. i want gerai number + their special nyum nyums ;-)

- Dang Salat - said...

mestilah cucur udang ku..homemade recipe. hehehe!

cucur udang - gerai alum register / sepiring - priceless! =p

Sofian Hassan said...

bah test la haha