Sunday, June 15, 2008

my endless love to you..

These are some of my beautiful clients of 2008 who had put and are putting their trust into my work.
Thank you :-)

Diana & Wan

Haireel & Ermy

Diana & G Mig

Mimi & Husni

Zubaidah & Faren

Simah & Mike

Sas & Zul.. preferred to be annoymous ;-)

Sabrina & Yusra

Amal & Jun


Lovellia said...

nice pictures. i wish my picture with my luved 1 will be taken like dat. too bad m still single, yet not available. ;)

euphoria - arts said...

the first picture is my cousin.. I mean the guy.. haha..
Really love the pictures that you took of them. Especially the ones where you took them walking down the beach (if I'm not mistaken)
You're really talented, when I'm getting married I'll be sure to hire you to take pix for us.. Hahaha.. Insyallah.

Keep up the great work.